In addition to washing hands in this corona era, you must have the habit of changing passwords frequently,

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The coronavirus has changed the habits of the whole world today. People have a habit of frequent hand washing to avoid this. At the same time, the body’s immunity is enhanced for its safety. People don’t leave home without masks. The way you follow new habits is to protect yourself from epidemics like Coronavirus. You also have to get used to changing passwords in this new world. If not, you could become a victim of epidemics, such as cybercrime and hacking.

Yes, because of the coronavirus crisis, most people around the world are forced to stay at home. The office is made from home. Digital transactions and contactless payments have increased enormously. In such situations, an illicit network hacker observes the slightest user error. Because of blocking and epidemics, people are starting to do most of their work online. Nowadays, people from online banking, online lessons, online games, online shopping, depend on everyday things. Smart TV has made it easier for hackers to commit cybercrimes lately.

Hacking can also happen through smart TV

Currently, hackers have begun attacking users with smart TVs. People’s job is to connect laptops in their homes via Wi-Fi. The same Wi-Fi network is used to connect smart TVs to access OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and others. Hackers can hack their laptops with this smart TV. In such situations, even the small mistakes you make can be expensive. Now you might be wondering how this can be avoided?

Change password frequently

To avoid this, you must first change your valuable account password, email, etc. from time to time and always with a combination of alphanumeric characters (numbers and letters) and special characters, or you can use software to generate passwords. Also, use private browsing (incognito mode) for banking or online purchases. Wherever you need access to your personal data, you only use personal search. Never save passwords for your browser account. It’s easy for hackers to enter the browser. A number of data leaks have occurred in Google Chrome last year. After that, Google introduced a new update for its Chrome browser.

Use VPN Network

Cyber ​​attacks can be avoided via VPN (Virtual Personal Network). Users who work from home via VPN must be connected to the cloud or their company’s office server. For this, your VPN security must be quite high. At present, telecommunications companies and Internet service providers are also working to ensure the security of their networks. Also protect the SSID with a password to increase the security of the wireless router for home use. The advantage is that it will be difficult to get into your WiFi router. Also change the SSID password regularly.

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