Instagram and Facebook lead the group of software users want to delete

by nativetechdoctor
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Social networking applications account for most of the list of software that users want to delete, in Instagram and Facebook is at the top.

Security company VPNOverview has collaborated with web data analytics firm Similarweb to conduct a survey on the demand to stop using mobile applications across the US and make a list of 10 famous software that users want to uninstall. from the device.

As a result, Instagram ranked first with more than 900,000 searches on how to remove this software on phones. The install rate of the program on mobile devices in the past 6 months has also decreased by 25%. Along with that, Facebook – the company’s social network Meta with Instagram – ranks right at No. 2 with over 385,000 searches related to the method of deleting from the machine. In the past half year, app downloads have also decreased by 22%.

Another product from the US is Snapchat – a messaging application capable of deleting content after reading it – ranked 3rd on the list when there were 217,400 queries on how to delete it. The next positions in turn “call out” Twitter (92,490 times), Telegram (24,810), Spotify (14,560), TikTok (14,120), LinkedIn (8,540), Tinder (7,980).

In 10th place with 6,720 attempts to remove is YouTube. Despite being on the list, this result is still insignificant for the world’s leading video-sharing platform today when the application has more than 10 billion downloads on the Android operating system alone.

Christopher Bluvshtein, the privacy expert at VPNOverview, said: “There is a group of people turning away from social networks, be it because of politics, increasing cybersecurity issues, or less secure. The trend of users leaving these apps is on the rise. There is now an interesting new term “doom-scrolling”, which means spending too much time online to get access to negative news. The world is full of problems right now, and endless negative news can make readers feel depressed over time. This may be part of the reason for the phenomenon of users leaving social networks as mentioned. “.

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