Instagram could launch paid subscriptions soon

by nativetechdoctor
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With the growing success of social networks and the professionalization of content creators, platforms have gradually allowed creators to access the compensation tools.

On YouTube, this has taken significantly the form of ads, part of the income from which it goes to the owner of the video. On the contraction side, different means have been incorporated to make “donations” for a long time. Therefore, there are donations in “bits”, the contraction currency, and subscriptions. For a sum that goes from $4 to $ 20, viewers can support their favorite creators and access some rewards, such as exclusive emits or even make the ads disappear.

According to analytics companies Sensor Tower and Apptopia , Instagram could follow in Twitch’s footsteps by offering a paid subscription system to support specific content creators. Sensor Tower and Apptopia found that the Instagram app for iOS had been updated and added in-app purchases called “ Instagram subscriptions ” with prices ranging from $ 1 to $ 5.

So far, in order to generate an income, “influencers” were forced to make associations with brands or companies.

The idea of ​​subscriptions paid is not really new on Instagram, as the company confirmed a few months ago that It was working on a system of “exclusive” stories, accessible only for subscribers.

The company has not yet communicated on these in-app purchases, but it is very likely that they will follow the path traced by other platforms. An announcement is expected to occur in the near future.

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