Instagram removed posts promoting conversion therapy

by nativetechdoctor
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Instagram introduces a complete ban on conversion-related content, claiming that it violates any content that promotes this unscientific therapeutic practice. The Instagram guidelines are updated to include a global ban on contributions to promote or promote conversion therapy, Instagram confirmed.

The therapy is known to be unscientific and often religiously motivated and involves unsubstantiated, harmful actions aimed at changing victims’ sexual orientation and thinking. Major health and psychological associations have denounced this behavior, and many countries around the world are banning it.

Instagram told CNN that the company is updating hate speech policies to ban the promotion of conversion therapy. In addition, Instagram removed the offending content from the Core Issues Trust account, known as an account that favors non-scientific conversion therapies. However, according to some users, this account still has a number of posts related to conversion therapy, which means that Instagram’s filter is still quite limited in identifying content to be deleted. , and still, allow content in question.

However, there are still some positive signs when Instagram insists it will stop advertising posts with content related to conversion therapy as the testimonials mentioned above. This builds on the company’s previous advertising ban on ads related to promoting conversion therapy.

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