Instagram will make deleting old comments easier

by nativetechdoctor
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Instagram has rolled out a bunch of new features. They make it easier for users to delete posts, comments, and other activities on the platform.

A new chapter

New Instagram features can be accessed from “Your Activity”, a new section now available on all profiles. This new experience gives users the ability to see and manage their activity from one place.

Concretely, Instagram has developed new account controls. Thanks to them, it is possible to delete comments and messages, review past interactions and search for content by date. As a reminder, this novelty comes after Instagram was the subject of investigations concerning its impact on the mental health of young people. And especially teenagers.

Better manage and filter your content

Instagram users can now bulk delete or archive all of their content. This concerns posts, Stories, IGTV, Reels, comments, likes, or reactions to story stickers. Likewise, the “Your Activity” section lists recently deleted and archived messages, search history, and visited links, all from one place.

From this same section, users can search their posts and interactions with other people’s content and sort that content by date.

Give users more control

The “Your activity” section is accessible from any profile. All the user has to do is log in and go to the menu, available at the top right corner. The new “Your activity” section will then appear.

Instagram has been testing this feature since late last year. The new features are part of initiatives it has taken to keep users and their accounts safe and give them more control over their activities.

Focus on security

Instagram has also rolled out Security Checkup to all users. This feature ensures the security of an account and protects it from the consequences of a possible hack. A future feature should offer the possibility of letting a friend confirm their identity in the event of a loss of access to their account.

Instagram also allows you to obtain more information if a post is deleted by the platform after its publication. Indeed, the app now has a new “Account Status” section. It informs the user if one of his publications is deleted or if the platform threatens to deactivate his account. He can then request a revision in the event that he considers that the platform has wrongly deleted his post.

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