Instructions for adding ChatGPT to the menu of macOS

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ChatGPT artificial intelligence can be easily added to the toolbar (menu) on the macOS platform to make it easier for users to manipulate than using the web platform.

ChatGPT is a large generation of language models designed to understand and generate human-like responses through text. The development of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) technology makes it possible for this tool to communicate more and more naturally, in the same way, that humans communicate with each other.

The program was initially released on the web platform as a dialog box, where users enter questions, chat with almost unlimited topics for AI to respond. Because of that intelligence and utility, Microsoft quickly integrated AI Bing (using ChatGPT) into the taskbar (taskbar) on the latest version of Windows 11. Google also did not want to be left out when it immediately launched an artificial intelligence called Bard and added it to its Search engine.

Among the “tech giants”, only Apple has yet to announce any AI chatbot tools similar to ChatGPT and there is no move to do so anytime soon. But users of the Apple macOS platform can still experience ChatGPT right on their computer through the application installed on the Menu bar.

Recently, a programmer named Jordi Bruin has just introduced MacGPT – free software that “packages” all the capabilities of the web-based ChatGPT into an application installed on macOS. At the interface of MacGPT, users can start a new conversation with the chatbot or continue with the old content previously created.

The settings section has the option to allow MacGPT to display on all other windows if the user needs it, or use a keyboard shortcut to start the chat window regardless of the application interface. On the toolbar of macOS will appear a small brain-shaped icon. When clicking here, users can open ChatGPT in a compact window, without affecting the application running in full screen, serving the needs of looking up more information or looking for suggestions.

In addition to MacGPT and the ChatGPT website, Apple device users still have other ways to use AI in their daily activities. Microsoft has just launched AI Bing, Skype, and the new Edge web browser that adds AI capabilities to iPhone and iPad, but at the moment is only available to those who sign up for the previous experience, which has not yet been released to the masses.

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