Intel Gen 14 CPUs have a secret feature that boosts game performance

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The new feature, never before announced by Intel, allows players to increase game performance with just one click.

According to Engadget, Intel seems to have hidden a ‘killer’ feature on their newly launched 14th generation processor, with the ability to reach 6GHz clock speed in the blink of an eye. Specifically, the company did not make any announcements regarding the Application Optimization (APO) feature found in the new chips, but a Reddit user reported that it will deliver a significant performance boost. attention.

As for the reason why Intel decided not to introduce this powerful feature, it may largely come from the fact that APO currently does not support many games, the feature is only working with two old games, Rainbow Six Siege (Rainbow Six Siege ). 2015) and Metro Exodus (2019).

One of the most impressive examples of APO’s capabilities was shared by user LightMoisture on the Intel subreddit. Accordingly, with the Intel i9-14900K CPU, this feature increased the frame rate of the game Metro Exodus from 273 FPS to 339 FPS, equivalent to 24%. Meanwhile, Rainbow Six Siege achieved even more impressive performance, increasing from 659 FPS to 867 FPS, or nearly 32% performance.

The Verge also tested this feature on preset configurations at the highest level with 1080p resolution. At that time, APO increased the performance of Rainbow Six Siege (with Core i9-14900K CPU configuration and RTX 4090 GPU) from 615 FPS to 688 FPS, about 12%. For Metro Exodus Enhanced, performance increased from 177 FPS to 207 FPS, or 17%.

The current disadvantage of APO is that in addition to the limited number of supported games, setting up this feature is quite troublesome. Accordingly, users need to find out exactly whether the motherboard driver supports Intel’s Dynamic Tuning or not, but some manufacturers often do not clearly list this detail on the support website. After finding and installing the correct driver, access your PC’s BIOS settings to enable APO.

APO’s app is then installed from the Microsoft Store, which allows users to manage settings and switch performance on the fly. However, some Redditors also reported that links pointing to the Microsoft Store did not work and that it was necessary to open the store and search for Intel APO manually.

However, once set up, the feature will automatically detect compatible games when launching them. If the setup process gets easier in the future and Intel regularly adds support for new games, it’s possible that clock speeds on these new chips could potentially exceed the 6GHz we’re currently seeing.

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