Intel launches new chip technology in the AI ​​war with Nvidia and AMD

by nativetechdoctor
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At Computex 2024, Intel made significant announcements regarding the technologies it believes will drive the artificial intelligence (AI) revolution, despite facing strong competition from Nvidia, AMD, and Qualcomm. Intel showcased the latest Xeon 6 chip and provided insights into the upcoming Lunar Lake chip for PC AI, drawing substantial attention.

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger emphasized that Intel’s latest systems offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and affordability. The Gaudi AI accelerator, in particular, is priced at just one-third of the competition’s offerings. Gelsinger also refuted claims by Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon, who asserted that their AI PC chip surpassed Intel’s.

Executives from Nvidia and AMD also delivered keynote speeches at Computex 2024, outlining various chips developed for AI-enhanced personal computers. Additionally, Microsoft unveiled the Copilot+ PC with integrated AI features in the Windows operating system, affirming partnerships with major PC manufacturers such as Dell, HP, Samsung, and Lenovo to prioritize on-device AI for enhanced privacy.

Citing a report from Boston Consulting Group, Intel projected that AI computers will constitute 80% of the PC market by 2028.

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