Interesting hidden features in iOS 16

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iOS 16 will be deployed to iPhone 8 and later for free this fall with many new features that Apple has not revealed at WWDC 2022.

With iOS 16, users can easily unlock Face ID when the device is horizontal, many ways with the messaging application, retrieve saved Wi-Fi settings passwords, etc.

Landscape mode for Face ID

Apple says “supported iPhone models” will be able to use Face ID in landscape mode in iOS 16. This means users can unlock their iPhones while lying on the sofa or without needing to tilt their neck when in bed.

Mark messages as unread

After installing iOS 16, users can mark messages as unread in the Messages app. This is a convenient feature for users if they easily forget a message that they have read but cannot immediately reply.

Duplicate detection in Photos and Contacts apps

To help improve lives, iOS 16 will make it easy for users to delete duplicate Photos and Contacts so they don’t have to depend on third-party apps. Duplicate contacts will appear under the heading “Duplicate contacts found” at the top of the Contacts list, while Photos will create a duplicate album at the bottom of the album list, closer to the “Hidden” albums. and “Recently Deleted”.

Reveal your Wi-Fi password in the Settings app

iOS allows users to share Wi-Fi login information with iPhone, iPad, or Mac easily but does not support showing that Wi-Fi network login password to share with friends or other devices. right of Apple. Apple’s upcoming iOS 16 release will address this issue right on the Wi-Fi settings page. Tap the “i” next to the network, authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, then tap the “Password” field to reveal it. Users can also copy it to the clipboard, perfect for sharing a message.

Smart Folder for Notes

Apple also introduced Smart Folders to iOS 16’s Notes app, which works just like it does on macOS and in apps like Apple Mail by creating “smart” Notes collections regardless of whether they’re stored in any top-level directory.

In iOS 16, Smart Folders in the Notes app got a lot smarter with a bunch of criteria to choose from. Users can now create Smart Folders based on tags, creation date, modification date, who shared the note or mentioned in the note, etc.

Memorable memories in Photos

The Photos app displays collections of photos from the library as memories, often to celebrate dates at specific locations, seasonal events, or themes like pets. These appear seemingly random and offer little control. However, not everyone wants the memories to be relived, especially if some of the memories are traumatic. In iOS 16, users can turn off this option entirely in the Photos section of the Settings app.

Translate text with a camera

iPhone has a Translate app and allows users to translate conversations using the microphone or type/paste text directly into the app. Now, with iOS 16, the ability to translate comes to the Camera app available, allowing users to perform translations using the Live Text feature already built into iOS 15.

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