iOS 13.5 comes with an API that helps notify Covid-19 exposures

by nativetechdoctor
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The exposure notification API was created by Apple and Google to track the exposure of patient users with Covid-19 infections. Even if the user does not use this function, no personal data will be forwarded to the health authority.

In the announcement, Apple said that the API was included in the firmware, but Apple had not installed the tracking application itself. Instead, users must download the official application from the local health authority before the exposure notification feature works. In addition, not every site plans to launch a contact tracking application using this API.

Especially for the Covid-19 exposure notification function. If the user downloads the official public health application and has activated exposure notifications, he only interacts with the phones around him that also activate this API. The connection process also only occurs via an anonymous Bluetooth signal.

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Each device keeps a beacon note that has cross paths. If someone is diagnosed with Covid-19 infection, they can submit an infection report in the review area of ​​the public health application they have installed. From there, everyone with a Bluetooth beacon receives notifications and follow-up for test and treatment guidelines for patients who are exposed for 14 days.

Apple and Google claim there is no moment in this process to provide users’ personal information to public health agencies, governments, or other people who enable the exposure notification API. The user’s Bluetooth beacon is a set of anonymous numbers and letters that change every 10 to 20 minutes. This feature is available on your phone to notify users in case they ever interact with someone diagnosed with Covid-19 infection, so they can take steps to get medical care.

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