iOS 15.2 allows ‘reset’ iPhone without connecting to a computer

by nativetechdoctor
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iOS 15.2 has allowed users to erase all data and reset the phone without having to connect to a computer.

Specifically, when the user cannot remember the password and the device iPhone has been locked because of entering the wrong password too many times, the Erase iPhone option will appear right next to the Emergency button on the screen.

Previously, to perform the process of erasing iPhone when forgot the password, users needed to connect iPhone to computer via lightning cable, then enter DFU mode and proceed to run the software again through iTunes, 3uTools or iTools.

This feature only appears when the device is already connected to Wi-Fi or 4G/5G. In addition, users need to remember the email used to sign up for iCloud and the corresponding password.

Most importantly, this feature not only erases all settings, but also deletes user data, in other words, this feature is used in case the user really forgets the screen unlock password. Therefore, absolutely do not try to follow to avoid unnecessary risks.

As noted, this option only shows up after the user has been locked out 3 times (locked for 15 minutes or more). If the 3rd lock has been reached, follow these steps to reset iPhone:

  • Be in an area with Wi-Fi that was once connected to the phone (or 4G/5G was enabled before the device could no longer access it)
  • Click Erase iPhone on the screen
  • The system will continue to ask one more time, click on Erase iPhone
  • Enter the iCloud account password and press Done on the keyboard

Once you’ve done the above steps, proceed to set up your phone like a brand new one. Note that, at the stage of the restore option from the backup, the user can select and download the data of the backup that still remembers the password, at least it will recover some data rather than no longer. what.

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