iOS 15 installed on 58% of eligible iPhones

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About 60% of eligible iPhone models have installed iOS 15 since this operating system was officially released in September this year.

According to Money Control, this software update is currently available on the iPhone 13, while it has also been updated for the iPhone 12 and some older models that come with a host of improvements and new features. In the roughly 80 days since launch, users have installed the iOS 15 update on their iPhone 12 and other eligible devices. A report from MacRumors citing third-party website Mixpanel says that about 58% of iOS devices are running iOS 15 compared to about 36% of devices running iOS 14.

It is known that Apple usually publishes the acceptance rate of updates its latest software in the earnings report, but the company has not done this with iOS 15 yet.

In June 2021, Apple said that more than 85% of eligible iPhone models had iOS 14 installed. These devices were already compatible with iOS 15. Those who don’t have the latest iOS update installed on their iPhone can still get security patches through an OTA update.

One of the notable new features on iOS 15 is FaceTime with portrait mode. Like the camera app, users can choose to focus on a subject while blurring the surrounding background. There are also grid views, spatial audio (Spatial), which uses machine learning to block out background noise for clearer calls, as well as Focus to automatically filter notifications based on the public environment. work, sleep, or exercise.

Apple also completely redesigned the notification shade, allowing people to see photos of contacts and large icons for apps next to notifications.

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