iOS 16 install rate surpasses iOS 15 in 24 hours

by nativetechdoctor

The percentage of users who installed iOS 16 early has been revealed in the latest report, showing that this update has received early user approval when compared to iOS 15 after the first days of launch. out.

A report coming from Mixpanel shows that after 24 hours from the release date of 12.9, iOS 16 has been downloaded by 6.71% of users. This is an increase from iOS 15 which only reached 6.48% on day one. However, that number still trails 9.22% of users downloading on day one of iOS 14.

Apple has introduced a notable change in the way updates are released since iOS 15 when the company no longer requires iOS 14 users to upgrade. Instead, the iPhone offers a choice between two versions of software updates in the Settings app.

Users can continue to use iOS 14 while still receiving the latest security updates, with the choice to upgrade to iOS 15 if they wish. This option can affect the first-day adoption rate, which may also be true for iOS 16 as the option has remained on iOS 15 for now. iOS 16 supports iPhone models from iPhone 8 and later.

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