iOS 16 will equip optional protection mode

by nativetechdoctor
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Apple just announced that iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and the upcoming macOS Ventura will feature Lockdown Mode – optional protection designed for those facing serious digital security threats.

According to Neowin, although not everyone needs to use Lockdown Mode, it is nevertheless a useful tool for some users who see protecting personal data as important.

Apple said that Lockdown Mode’s goal is to make it possible for users targeted by advanced attacks by NSO Group and other private companies specializing in the development of malware supported by the government.

Once enabled, Lockdown Mode provides the following protections:

  • Messages: Most types of message attachments other than images are blocked. Some features like link preview are disabled.
  • Browsing: Some technologies, such as just-in-time (JIT) compilation, are disabled unless the user excludes a trusted site from Lockdown Mode.
  • Apple Services: Incoming service requests and invitations, including FaceTime, will be blocked if the user has not previously sent the Lockdown Mode originator a call or request.
  • A wired connection to a computer or accessory is blocked when iPhone is locked.
  • The profile could not be set and the device could not access Mobile Device Management (MDM) when Lockdown Mode was enabled.

Going forward, Apple will continue to improve the Lockdown Mode feature and is actively soliciting feedback from the security community. The existing Apple Security Bounty bounty program will include a new section for security with a double bounty, meaning security researchers can earn up to 2 million USD when finding the most serious vulnerabilities.

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