iOS has a strange error that keeps asking for an Apple ID password

by nativetechdoctor
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Some iPhone users are experiencing issues with iOS reporting that they are constantly being asked to enter their Apple ID login password.

According to PhoneArena, Twitter user Andreu said: “Why does my Apple ID ask me to enter my password at random. I don’t think that’s normal.” Another Twitter user complained the same thing was happening to them. While a user on Reddit named TomatoBill reported receiving the same message within 10 minutes on two devices using the same Apple ID.

Reporter Thanh Nien also recorded once meeting this request on an iOS device while using the Facebook Messenger application on April 16

Online reviews show that users will receive a random message on their phone asking them to log in and then change their password. This worries many people. User NebulousLotus wrote on Reddit: “I was absolutely freaking out when it happened to me. I updated my phone and saw if that was the problem and it seems to continue.” Meanwhile, another said that after entering the password, the message shows the content cannot connect to the server, acting quite strange.

Some users reported that after receiving the prompt for a random password restarted the phone and since then the prompt has never returned.In general, if you keep getting asked to sign in with your Apple ID password, you can turn off your iPhone and restart it, or simply skip the sign-in request. Another suggestion is to try changing your Apple ID password if you’re really concerned

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