IPhone 12 China factory run day and night as launch nears

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The launch of the iPhone 12 is fast approaching. And to finish on time, Foxconn’s Chinese factories are running tough.

Just in time. While the iPhone 12s are expected to flood the market sometime in October, production is ramping up in China. As the South China Morning Post points out, Foxconn factories are, in fact operating continuously to produce as many Apple smartphones as possible for its imminent release.

According to employee Wang Guofeng, interviewed by Chinese media, workers have been more than encouraged to work overtime since the summer. In addition, the vast majority of workers can only take four days off per month. Harsh working conditions which are usual in Foxconn factories. Which have been decried for years for their inhumanity.

iPhone 12: bonuses available for zealous workers

“You can earn 5,000 to 6,000 yuan ($736) per month and if you work at the factory for several days in a row, there is a nice bonus involved.” A bonus reserved for people who joined the factory from September 18th. It would thus amount to 10,000 yuan for any employee working at least 55 days in a 90-day period. For workers who arrived after September 26, the bonus drops to 8,500 yuan.

Finally, recommending a new employee can earn people already in the job 500 yuan. The production of iPhone 12 is a major economic stake for Chinese factories, determined to produce as much as possible to flood the world market. So production lines are running day and night, says employee Ma.

iPhone 12: employees encouraged to cancel their vacations

Another worker also explained that Foxconn encouraged some workers to cancel their holidays on the sidelines of the October 1 National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Holidays are normally eight days. “Some people are willing to do it because, according to Chinese labor law, the salary triples the first three days [of the Mid-Autumn Festival],” said another employee who wished to remain anonymous.

The Apple-based firm is expected to unveil four iPhone models later in October: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The latter should also benefit from the best features.


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