iPhone 12 does not come with a headset or charger in the box

by nativetechdoctor
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It is said that Apple plans to significantly reduce the retail price of the upcoming iPhone to reduce some of the accessories that are included.

According to 9to5Mac, Ming-Chi Kuo said apple wants to continue selling the iPhone 12 at the same price as the iPhone 11, and removing the accessories in the package will offset the cost of the 5G network components. This will likely significantly reduce the iPhone 12 case size, which will help reduce shipping costs and protect the environment.

Kuo also confirmed that a recently leaked 20W charger of the iPhone 12 is correct, but they will not come with the phone and will instead be sold separately as an option. According to Kuo, Apple is stopping using both the existing 5W and 18W chargers to support the 12W charger.

As for Apple’s upcoming iPad line, including the new 10.8-inch iPad later this year and the 8.5-inch mini iPad in the first half of 2021, Kuo thinks Apple will continue to sell them with a charger.

Currently, many iPhone users have a large number of chargers and headphones, so removing the headphones in the iPhone 12 might not cause too much inconvenience. However, it will inevitably lead to public complaints that Apple is seeking to charge for accessories.

In addition, the removal of earphones in the box is said to help increase sales of Apple’s AirPods line – which is much more expensive.

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