iPhone 14 crash detection has problems with roller coasters

by nativetechdoctor

The crash detection feature on the iPhone 14 is causing problems for an amusement park near Cincinnati (USA) when the iPhone gets confused multiple times on a roller coaster ride leading to multiple calls to emergency services.

According to AppleInsider, the latest safety feature on Apple’s iPhone 14 and Apple Watch uses onboard sensors and lots of crash data to detect if it’s involved in an auto crash. Despite the training system, it looks like the roller coaster might be its weak point.

The Warren County Media Center has received numerous calls to discover iPhone problems, all of which have occurred since the iPhone 14 went on sale in September. According to the center, some of those incidents were caused by train passengers. Roller coaster at King Island theme park near Cincinnati.

Multiple recordings of iPhone-based detection calls were provided to the Wall Street Journal by the center, showing the devices misinterpreting glider movements and noise as collisions. The King Island theme park isn’t the only one with problems, as warnings have also been issued a few times at Six Flags Great America near Chicago.

While the iPhone and Apple Watch issue a 10-second warning before making a call to emergency services, this may not be canceled in time as park visitors may not notice if the roller coaster is still on. Is it in motion, or can the iPhone be stored out of sight for safety and not be heard screaming?

Reacting to the report, an Apple spokesperson said the technology provides peace of mind, and the company will continue to improve it. For the time being, customers can avoid this false alert by placing their iPhone 14 in a locker or letting someone else not come with the glider.

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