iPhone 14 Pro screen has a ghosting error

by nativetechdoctor

Burn-in error appears more and more on iPhone 14 Pro, and Pro Max, but Apple has not yet commented on this phenomenon.

Ghosting, also known as burn-in, first appeared on Android smartphones with OLED panels a few years ago. But so far, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max manufactured by Apple have also begun to experience a similar situation, mainly related to the area containing the missing part called Dynamic Island on the screen.

This phenomenon was reported globally not long after the duo’s launch and recently, many users in China also experienced the same situation. Faulty machines often appear in blurred areas on the wallpaper on different application screens. Blurry stripes are often clearly seen around the Dynamic Island area, where the front camera cluster and sensors are located. This condition appeared quite soon after purchase, except for being annoying to look at, it has no effect on the device’s functions.

According to Gizchina, the cause may be due to the special design of Dynamic Island, or the always-on screen feature (Always On Display – AOD). When AOD is turned on, the screen will always be on to display some basic information such as date, time, calendar, clock, and widget (application icon to display notifications)… even though the device is in a locked state. . It is also the most shaded area recorded in China. In some cases, the replacement screen has been covered under the Apple Care+ policy.

Ghosting occurs when OLED screens have to display static content for a long time (continuously lit) causing premature degeneration of pixels in these areas. To reduce the risk, Apple uses a way to shift content so that pixels change the display color, but it seems that this method has not worked as expected.

The two recent iPhone generations 13 and 14 (with Pro and Pro Max versions) often have screen-related problems. While many iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max models suffer from blue screen phenomenon, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max duo have screen flickering (which Apple has confirmed to fix after updating iOS 16.3. ).

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