iPhone: Replacing the screen will no longer disable Face ID

by nativetechdoctor
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it seems that Apple has learned to listen to the criticisms of its users, even if it sometimes means to retreat in certain subjects. Apple had made the decision to make the Face ID completely unusable if the screen of a cracked iPhone had been replaced by a third-party repairman. A decision that, therefore, aimed at Apple’s after-sales or repair service approved by Cupertino.onal. If users do not want to pay to use the application, they can still do it for free by continuing to get ads.

Therefore, IOS 15.1 made it possible to display a notification on the user’s screen to indicate that the face ID would no longer work on your device. In question, a small chip that makes it possible to pair the screen on the phone and then adjust only with the official brand repair team.

Following a lot of criticism from fans – and possibly third-party repairers – on social media, Apple finally decided to back down, as it told The Verge.

Thanks to a small system update that will arrive in the coming days, Apple will remove this need for pairing between the new screen and the iPhone. This news will more than likely delight third-party repairers, for whom screen repair is the main breadwinner, but also budding repairers, not always ready to pay a high price to repair their broken screen

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