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Apple might not have imagined Covid-19 in 2020, although the company recognizes the popularity of the old iPhone 8 among users. That’s why the company launched the iPhone SE 2020 to get the same popularity. For Apple fans who missed the Touch ID on a redesigned device after the iPhone X, it’s included in the new iPhone SE 2020. The iPhone SE was introduced as an affordable corporate device. Especially for those who want to switch to iOS. Today we will present an overview of the iPhone SE 2020


First, let’s talk about phone design. The design is recycled from the iPhone 8. The iPhone SE 2020 has aerospace-grade aluminum and durable glass design on the front and back. It has a 4.7-inch screen that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The iPhone SE 2020 gives you a feeling of confidentiality among large screen devices.

The new affordable iPhone SE 2020 is available in three color choices: black, white, and red products. The difference that can be seen in the design is that the Apple logo is placed in the middle of the back of the phone. The color process of the absorbent coating is also used, which is available with rich color depth and aluminum strips with pure color with better opacity.

To increase its ruggedness, it has been rated Water and Dust Resistance Proof IP67. Because of this rating, this phone can remain in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes. However, this rating has now become a standard for Apple devices.

Talking about the display, the 4.7-inch HD Retina screen with the True Tone function is used. If you are not familiar with the True Tone display, this display function adjusts the screen’s white balance, makes the ambient light more natural, and offers a paper-like experience. This will feel a little old for users who have seen OLED panels on modern smartphones. However, thanks to the Retina HD screen, it gets vivid color gamut and better color accuracy. To be more advanced, the display of the iPhone SE 2020 supports playback of Dolvi Vision and HDR10.

Another better feature given in the iPhone SE 2020 is that it has a haptic touch for quick actions such as animating live photos, previewing messages, re-arranging apps, etc. Also, it has a contextual menu, which is user friendly. The iPhone SE 2020 also looks good because it has the essential Touch ID feature. Especially for those users who are having trouble unlocking due to wearing masks these days with Face ID feature with Face Unlock in Android and iPhones. Touch ID will make it easier to unlock the device, and you can secure your data.

The iPhone SE 2020 features a family home button with a sapphire crystal design that protects the sensor and features a steel ring that helps detect fingerprints for Touch ID. Touch ID makes it easy to unlock the iPhone, which is a private and secure alternative to passcode. With the help of the iCloud key chain, you can log in to the apps, and this helps in the convenience of authorized App Store purchases as well as digital transactions.

The camera

Most users buy iPhones mainly because of the camera features, and we know that iPhones are known for good photography and videography. In the iPhone SE 2020, you will also get the experience of similar camera features. Unlike the dual, triple, and quad cameras coming this year, the iPhone SE has a single camera feature. If you are not a content creator, you will not need a camera with more sensors. The iPhone SE’s single camera is quite good. It has a 12MP sensor with f / 1.8 aperture, which is a wide-angle sensor. It has an image signal processor and a natural engine feature. Being an A13 bionic chip, it helps in computational photography.

It has a prototype model which comes with 6 port lighting effects and depth control feature. Apple has added the Christian Learning Monocular Depth Estimation feature to it, with the help of which the front camera image can be clicked from the front camera. The quality of the image comes in great, especially for those users who believe in uploading social media quickly. Also, it uses the Next Generation Smart HDR feature which allows it to re-lights to identify intelligent subjects in a frame, which gives you a natural-looking image as well as better highlights and shadow details.

Talking of videos has been an excellent feature for any iPhone. The new iPhone SE features stereo recording and cinematic video stabilization for both front and rear cameras. With this, videos up to 4K quality can be captured at 60fps. In addition, its front and rear cameras also feature QuickTech video features with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, with the help of which video recording can be switched to photo mode. The iPhone SE 2020 also features a Night Mode feature for low light photography, which was missing in its first generation. 

Performance and Battery

When this device was launched, many reports were coming out that the A13 Bionic chip used in it is under-cloaked and does not perform well. However,  iPhones are never known for clock speed, RAM, and test scores. iPhones have always been known for better coordination of software and hardware. Apple engineers know very well how to balance it. The A13 Bionic Chip is the fastest chip ever launched for iPhones, making perfect photography, gaming, and augmented reality experiences.

The A13 Bionic chip is built with machine learning and a dedicated 8-core neural engine that can perform 5 trillion operations per second. It has two machine learning accelerators and a machine learning controller with CPU that balances its performance and efficiency. New intelligent apps can be enabled by combining A13 Bionic and iOS13 that support core machine learning. 

Battery life has been a significant problem for iPhone users from the very beginning. Due to its having an A13 bionic chip, it provides one-day battery life. It has a wireless charging feature with Qi-certified chargers, which also supports fast charging. It can be charged 50 percent in 30 minutes. Dual SIM feature has also been provided in iPhone SE 2020 for users who want to use dual sim phones. Which has a physical SIM and an e-SIM feature? The phone is available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB variants.


There is no doubt that the second-generation iPhone SE is a powerful device that comes with 4.7 Retina HD display features and Touch Eye. And is the perfect iPhone for an android user who wants to use ios? the starting price of the phone is 399$

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