iPhone users will now be able to type even in the rain, Apple may soon make this new announcement

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You must have also noticed that when you have wet hands, you are not able to pick up your phone. It is more difficult on rainy days. But now it seems that iPhone users will be able to get rid of this problem.

The Apple company keeps on improving its Apple devices with new technology. Now media reports have revealed that Apple has acquired a patent that suggests that the iPhone can now be used in the rain.

All recent iPhone models, except the older ones, have the water-resistant feature, but using the iPhone in the rain is not that easy.

As soon as the water droplets fall on the display, it becomes extremely difficult for the user to type on the screen. From media reports, it seems that Apple is planning to address these issues by introducing a feature like Wet Mode.

Approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), the patent reveals that Apple plans to modify the iPhone with the ability to function during a moisture exposure event. For example rain. It will use the inbuilt pressure and humidity sensor to detect the water and adjust the software accordingly.

The software may replace the on-screen buttons in case of slight rain to reduce the chances of receiving accidental touch inputs. Apple may enable the iPhone to adjust the pressure sensitivity of its display and only register touch inputs where a certain amount of force is applied. This will help avoid false inputs that can be recorded by raindrops.

The patent filing describes that ‘electronic equipment may include a moisture detector capable of detecting the amount of moisture present on the protective cover.

The document also states that there may be different ways to configure touch responses, referred to as wet, dry, and underwater.

In the case of wet and dry modes, the iPhone can change the Force Input detection to accept touch input. It depends on whether the user’s finger is dry or wet. The underwater mode could enable the iPhone to modify the interface and make it simpler to use underwater, according to the patent description.

Patent filings suggest that underwater mode can essentially be used to capture photos and record videos while the iPhone is completely submerged. It can also adjust details including white balance settings, ISO sensitivity, and clarity of the camera unit as well as its display brightness.

Apple has not yet officially marketed its iPhone models for underwater photography. Liquid damage is also not yet covered under warranty. If Apple is successful in this, then there may be some changes on all these fronts.

Although all this has come to the fore only through media reports, Apple has not made any announcement on this yet.

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