iPhone XR production will be discontinued after the launch of the iPhone 12s

by nativetechdoctor

A report from @komiya_kj on Twitter said the iPhone XR will be discontinued next year when the “apple house” launches the new low-cost iPhone 12S.

According to PhoneArena, Apple has recently been trying to diversify its market by introducing high-end and low-end iPhones.Their new iPhone SE has made a big impact globally thanks to the value it brings compared to the cost of the user.

Therefore, the introduction of a cheaper iPhone in the future will definitely be Apple’s goal to attract more users, especially the world’s largest smartphone markets such as India and China – where the iPhone SE is experiencing a surge in sales compared to high-end products. To that end, the company plans to release a non-5G version of the iPhone 12, but it will launch as a high-end variant in the second quarter of next year, not this year. It is said that this cheap version is called the iPhone 12S.

The appearance of the iPhone 12S will certainly affect one of the smartphones in Apple’s current low-cost segment. iPhone SE 2020 is Apple’s cheapest smartphone right now, but this product is only released in March 2020, which means it is difficult for the company to die soon. This makes the iPhone XR the most suitable product to be replaced with the iPhone 12S. Replacing the iPhone XR, the iPhone 12S will most likely have the same price as the current iPhone XR at $ 599.

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