It’s confirmed: the iPhone will have its own USB-C charger, with limited compatibility

by nativetechdoctor

The rumor that the iPhone 15 will require a special USB-C charging cable seems to have been confirmed since the beginning of the month. And for good reason, several supply chain analysts are now saying the same thing: Apple has found a way to keep its technology exclusive, despite European restrictions on USB-C , adopted in October 2022.

Restrictions that require certain electronic devices, including smartphones, to use a universal charger by 2024: USB Type-C. A pebble in the boot of the Cupertino giant who has been using its own Lightning charging technology for years. The 27 member countries have thus adopted the law to reduce the 11,000 tonnes of waste per year represented by shippers , but also to constrain the American firm. But the latter still seems to have cards to play.

An Apple-certified USB-C

Its joker: the MFi standard. For years, Apple has applied certification to these products. This is the “Made for iPod” or MFi standard, which first appeared in 2005. This certification program allows the American giant to indicate to users which accessories are safe for their devices. Third-party manufacturers of charging cables, connected speakers or other gadgets must pay a license fee of up to one hundred dollars a year to obtain certification.

But this strategy, beyond the fact that it protects Apple devices from potential damage caused by unknown peripherals, mainly limits compatibility with certain accessories. In other words, a non-MFi certified USB-C charger is restricted in terms of data and charging speed. However, the Apple brand is not the only one to use a standard, especially for chargers. For example, according to review site Dxomark , none of the chargers compatible with the Oppo Find X5 are able to achieve as high a charge rate as their original charger.

The release of iPhone 15, likely in September 2023, will confirm whether Apple’s latest will feature an exclusive USB-C port. So be patient.

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