Kaspersky launches XDR platform to help fight ransomware

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On March 14 in Ho Chi Minh City, Kaspersky security company launched Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response (XDR). This is a platform to help businesses reduce losses from targeted attacks caused by ransomware (ransomware).

Ransomware – malware that specializes in locking down devices or files – continues to grow in both quality and quantity. In 2022, global cybersecurity company Kaspersky recorded a nearly double (181%) increase in the number of daily ransomware occurrences, equivalent to 9,500 encrypted files per day globally.

The malicious actors behind these attacks also continue to improve their tactics and tools to earn more money. In 2020, Kaspersky has sounded the alarm about Ransomware 2.0. These attacks are highly targeted and use “pressure tactic” to demand a higher ransom and increase the impact of an attack.

Two years later, along with the proliferation of purported ransomware groups came the emergence of another mode of extortion through the resale of the data or files they attacked, launching DDoS attacks on victims or their customers, or use the same data to track attacks such as phishing. They are known as Ransomware 3.0.

In Southeast Asia, the latest data from Kaspersky reveals that Lockbit is the most common targeted ransomware that has hit 115 businesses in the region. This number belongs to businesses that are users of Kaspersky’s B2B solutions, so these attacks were completely prevented.

“To help overburdened and understaffed enterprise security teams, we have consolidated many of our security tools into one unified security incident detection and response platform called Kaspersky Extended Detection and Response (XDR) This new platform provides multi-layered protection for businesses as well as threat detection capabilities for existing Security Operations Centers (SOCs), “said a Kaspersky representative. .

Kaspersky’s XDR promises to deliver adaptability for organizations of all shapes and sizes. This easy-to-use platform is also supplemented with trusted threat intelligence data from KSN (Kaspersky Security Network) for better detection of threats that endanger the organization.

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