Keyboard with interactive video display

by nativetechdoctor
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Coming soon is a new keyboard with CPU, GPU, and the ability to work on Unreal Engine technology to display interactive videos beautifully.

According to PC Gamer, for gamers, the keyboard plays an extremely important role, it is not only an input and input device but also an art piece capable of decorating the system. PC gaming, as well as the most comfortable experience (especially for mechanical keyboards with manually removable keycaps).

Nowadays, modern keyboards often show their splendor with RGB strips that change color continuously. But there were ideas that why not turn them into content displays, or even integrate both CPU and GPU that can run Unreal Engine instead of just monotonous light strips?

And keyboard manufacturer Finalmouse is realizing these seemingly far-fetched things with an extremely interesting ‘teasing’ video.

Accordingly, a new keyboard video called Centrepiece was recently introduced, giving a look at a fancy modern keyboard with the ability to display beautiful videos and images right below your hand. user. Besides, these animations also return light feedback every time a key is pressed, which looks very nice.

With its CPU, GPU, and sharp graphics rendering, Centerpiece looks even more like an all-in-one PC than just a keyboard. So its revealed price of 349 USD does not make viewers too surprised. Certainly, with the splendor of Centerpiece, gamers or computer enthusiasts will not want to ignore this keyboard.

According to the video, Finalmouse’s new keyboard also offers a number of mini-games that users can play right on the keyboard, and there’s even a custom skin store for Centerpiece.

The official release date of the Centerpiece keyboard is currently unknown, but many users are eagerly expecting it to hit the market in 2023.

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