KFC launches the KFConsole, is it a real competitor to the PS5?

by nativetechdoctor
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The introduction of the first KFC game console. 2020 will have many surprises for us, but it may be the best of the year. You must be thinking of a joke. And we all believed when the fast-food chain announced last June that they wanted to compete with the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But KFC’s “Fools of June” turned out to be a true story. The company has lifted the curtain on KFConsole, a product whose name says it all … or nearly. Sounds like a computer game tower, but it’s definitely a console. And the least we can say is, given the technical sheet, he has everything to woo.

The KFConsole also has a “killer” function that cannot be found elsewhere. Forget the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Here is the first console that can also keep your nuggets and chicken thighs warm, thanks to a kind of built-in barbecue. This is not used for grilling, but for reheating your food.

KFC launches 4K console with Intel processor, ray tracing, and 2TB SSD

KFC has teamed up with renowned companies in the gaming world. The entire conservation system was indeed designed by Cool Master, a name well known to PC gamers. The company specializes in the design of cooling systems. It is his expertise that is thus at the heart of the isothermal part of the console. “Never risk cooling your chicken again,” says Cool Master on his site.

If Sony and Microsoft have turned to AMD for the CPU / GPU of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, KFC has set its sights on Intel, Asus, or Seagate. Its console features a 9th generation Intel Core i9 processor and an Asus graphics card. In addition, there are two SSDs of 1TB each. The first in SATA format and another in PCIe NVMe. Both brackets were designed by Seagate.

The KFC game console is also built for 4K gaming at 120 fps, or even up to 240 fps in lower definitions. It is “VR Reasy”, and therefore compatible with virtual reality games. You even benefit from ray tracing. So many features that make it a true NextGen console. It remains to know the release date and the price of this machine. These two pieces of information are not specified on the page dedicated to the console.

If the KFConsole seems totally WTF, it reminds us that KFC launched a smartphone in collaboration with Huawei a few years ago. The fast-food chain is therefore not its first attempt at this kind of campaign.

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