Korea plans to launch its first 6G network in 2028

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On February 20, the South Korean government announced it plans to launch its own sixth-generation (6G) network by 2028 and become the first country to deploy a 6G network.

According to Neowin , as part of the K-Network 2030 plan, the Korean government said it will ensure the delivery of world-class 6G technology, innovation based on 6G network software, and strengthen the network supply chain.

At the same time, the government will encourage local companies to manufacture equipment, parts and materials for 6G network technology in Korea. They will also develop an open radio access network that is compatible with all devices and allows mobile service providers and businesses to offer flexible services.

In order to make all of this possible, the Korean government is conducting a feasibility study for a research and development project on core 6G technologies. This project is worth about 482 million USD.

According to the Korean Ministry of Science and IT, the above efforts are being made by the country to ensure future dominance of wireless frequencies. The plan also aims to help the country maintain its position in the global competition for network infrastructure. A report by research firm IPlytics shows that, while 4G technology development is mainly dominated by US and European companies, South Korean companies have taken the lead in developing 5G networks . Furthermore, South Korea accounted for 25.9% of 5G patents last year. The country aims to capture at least 30% of the number of 6G network technology patents.

In addition to South Korea, India also aims to launch 6G network services before the end of the decade. This South Asian country even has a task force to accomplish the set goal.

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