Laptops are about to increase in price because of China’s memory chip ban

by nativetechdoctor
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With Chinese memory manufacturers having access to technology restricted by the US government, consumers face the risk of rising laptop prices.

According to Techunwrapped, Chinese memory manufacturers play an essential role in the PC market, so restrictions on them have caused a lot of difficulties for the supply chain, leading to the risk of price increases. Sell.

Although brands like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD are leading in processor technology compared to major Chinese brands, there are other components in a PC that are equally important and do not require the process. Such advanced production is located in China.

Take, for example, YMTC, a company that offers dense NAND flash memory for SSDs and memory cards with high storage capacity. Apple has begun using the manufacturer’s flash memory in its computers and mobile phones, leading the company to start receiving warnings from the US government. The point is China is becoming more adept at memory chips.

Restricting Chinese memory companies from entering the market not only affects competition opportunities but also reduces supply in the market, making it difficult for consumers to access cheaper memory, thanks to deals. On the price and availability of RAM and NAND flash. Neither TSMC nor Intel manufacture memory.

Memory companies Restricting Chinese will affect laptop prices. Currently, despite the tense political relationship between China and the US, the fact is that companies like Asus, Gigabyte, and many others work very closely with Chinese manufacturers. To make laptops cheaper, these manufacturers buy RAM and SSDs from Chinese suppliers, especially Lenovo.

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