LockBit ransomware group attacks supplier SpaceX

by nativetechdoctor

Writing on their website, the LockBit team threatened billionaire Elon Musk about leaking certified designs to other manufacturers.

According to Gizmodo, LockBit, a gang specializing in ransomware attacks, is threatening to reveal rocket designs and business secrets of SpaceX. Write on the website, Lock bit claims to have hacked Maximum Industries, the maker of parts for Elon Musk’s rocket company, and stolen 3,000 drawings from the contractor.

LockBit posted to the team’s page on the dark web, saying the blueprints will be up for sale soon. In content mocking Elon Musk, the group said it would help sell his drawings to other manufacturers so they could build spacecraft faster and fly further.

The team said SpaceX has until March 20 to comply with the requirements, or else it will start selling proprietary materials. LockBit claims the data has been certified by engineers from SpaceX, Maximum Industries and SpaceX has not responded to these reports.

In recent years, LockBit has attacked many important targets, most notably the Housing Authority of Wall City of Los Angeles (HACLA), one of America’s oldest public housing authorities with a billion-dollar budget to provide housing for low-income people.

attack The agency announced that there was a data breach after ransomware, cybercriminals accessed the system from January 15 to December 31, 2022. Hackers gained access to the names, social security numbers, dates of birth, passport numbers, credit card numbers, and health insurance information of citizens managed by HACLA. LockBit claimed responsibility and proved the attack by uploading a sample of the data they obtained.

This group of hackers also attacked Royal Mail (UK) in early February, which is a postal service company that was once owned and operated by the government. Royal Mail had to suspend international shipments due to a cyber attack from LockBit.

The postal service company did not pay the ransom and restarted international shipping after a six-week hiatus. LockBit also just broke into the system of ION, a financial technology company, and the group said the company paid the ransom.

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