Loot boxes will reappear on FIFA 23

by nativetechdoctor
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Loot box mechanics were confirmed by EA back on FIFA 23, despite some countries claiming they were gambling.

According to The Gamer, EA has confirmed that it will continue to use loot boxes in FIFA 23, despite the fact that many European countries have declared the activity to be gambling.

In a statement sent to Eurogamer , EA explained that the reason for keeping the controversial system intact was because FUT Packs – card items that can be opened to receive players – were already part of FIFA 23. Ultimate Team for over a decade and also features that players love so much. The game developer also believes that it is ‘fair’ to give players the option to spend their money in the game to own quality items.

Although some European countries such as Belgium and the Netherlands declare loot boxes to be a form of gambling and ban the mechanism entirely. Although the UK has not commented on this, the country has also warned game publishers that it could introduce banning laws if it does not fully protect young people against the tendency to spend money alone. bluffing into games without parental consent.

But despite the UK introducing a ban on loot boxes, they don’t seem to be working at the moment. Belgium became one of the first countries to implement a ban in 2018, but a recent study has shown that the mechanic is still present in 82% of the country’s top games. Loot box researcher Leon Y. Xiao has stated that the ban only gives the community a ‘false sense of security’ and the law is not being enforced as intended.

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