MacBook Air threatens ‘Wintel’ laptops

by nativetechdoctor
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Some Windows laptop manufacturers are worried that Apple’s upcoming release of the MacBook Air M2 could have an adverse impact on sales of their products.

According to Thetechxp , Wintel – refers to Windows laptops with Intel processors. According to the content of the report, a laptop supplier Wintel pointed out that with prices between $1,000 and $1,500, the MacBook Air will make it difficult for other high-end laptops. The report goes on to say that the changes to the M2 processor, camera lens, and case have put the new MacBook Air at a level “acceptable to consumers “.

Also according to the study, laptop manufacturers Wintel are feeling worried about consumer confidence weakening due to inflation and the global economic crisis.

The new MacBook Air costs $1,199 in the US. Compared to the previous M1 chip, the M2 chip offers up to 18% faster CPU performance and up to 35% better graphics performance. According to Apple, the new MacBook Air will go on sale in July, but the specific release date is still unknown.

Apple says in 2020 that its custom silicon chips will replace Intel CPUs in Macs with improvements in performance-per-watt. Higher-end Mac mini and Mac Pro models are expected to come with Apple Silicon chips later this year, completing Apple’s planned transition.

For the Mac product line, Apple Silicon has been a game changer. According to recently recorded benchmarks, the $999 MacBook Air M1 outperforms MacBook Pro the $2,999 2020 16-inch The 8-core Intel Xeon W processor in the standard $5,999 Mac Pro is also slower than the M2 chip.

Last year, Intel launched ads that focused on Windows laptops instead of Macs. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger also promised that he would “fight hard” to win back Apple’s interest. However, if the MacBook Air M2 really succeeds, perhaps Intel needs to forget this important guest and focus on improving the chip to help Wintel laptops compete better.

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