Many iPhones are at risk of not being able to run Apple services

by nativetechdoctor

An expert has sent an urgent warning to iPhone users when saying that it is advisable to pay attention to scheduled iPhone upgrades to avoid causing problems with the device.

According to GizChina, this expert believes that iPhone users are encouraged to update their phones to the latest iOS version as soon as possible because otherwise, they risk losing access to their phones in the future. future. That’s because older iOS versions are about to lose essential functions, such as access to Apple Maps for navigation, Siri for voice control, the App Store for essential apps, and more.

The upcoming update appears to be focused on iPhones running iOS 11.2.6 and earlier, leaving users of devices running this operating system unable to use the main software. iPhone 5 and earlier devices will be affected. However, even iPhone 7 users are at risk if the system software has not been updated. The latest iOS version for iPhone 7 is iOS 15.7.5 which Apple just released on April 10.

User @StellaFudge said on Twitter: “As of early May, access to Apple services, excluding iCloud, will cease to work on devices running iOS 11.2. receive an update prompt.”

In case you don’t receive a notification asking to update your iPhone, you can do this yourself by using the Settings app on your phone, then accessing General > Software Update and Waiting for your iPhone to download the update before installing.

So far Apple has not made any comment regarding the above rumors, however, the company recently released an update on its help page as a reference to this plan. In the text of the announcement, Apple confirmed some old software versions will not work with some Apple services, including the App Store, Siri, and Maps. The company advises users to update their devices so that they continue to use the service

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