Mark Zuckerberg criticizes Apple’s app policy and praises Google

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In an interview with Axios, the Facebook CEO said that Apple “deserves a review” of how the company handles the App Store. In contrast, Zuckerberg praised Google for allowing Android users to download third-party applications.

According to Business Insider, Zuckerberg said that Apple’s “unilateral control” over what is allowed on the user’s phone can affect the competitive factor. Specifically, Zuckerberg said: “I think users should start looking at questioning that control in the App Store, and wondering if what Apple is doing is driving the momentum of competition.”

The Facebook CEO then praised Google for allowing Android users to download apps from other sources instead of just the Google Play Store: “Let’s say you’re an app developer. Even without registering in the Google Play Store, you can at least use another way to get your app on someone else’s device, i.e. the door won’t completely close to you if Google doesn’t like it. what are you doing. I think this is really important, that people have a chance to create something and put it on the device if they want.

When questioned about whether the regulator should investigate Apple’s policies, Zuckerberg avoided: “I don’t have to be the one to answer this question. I think some of Apple’s decisions definitely get people questioning, and I think this is something that deserves scrutiny, and indeed they (Apple) are being scrutinized. “

Facebook publicly criticized Apple on August 14 after the iPhone maker refused to waive the fees imposed on a new feature intended to help small businesses charge fees for online video streaming events, due to Facebook created. Over the next 13 days, Facebook said it tried to inform iOS users that 30% of their payments “went into Apple’s wallet” if a new feature was used, but Apple blocked that information, claiming that “inappropriate” content.

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