Meta adds 6 new features to Facebook Reels

by nativetechdoctor

Meta just introduced six new features to Facebook Reels, from adding Add Yours stickers to allowing users to create Reels automatically.

According to Neowin, with the new update, users can now place Add Yours stickers on Facebook Reels. In fact, this feature appeared on Instagram in November 2021 but is only now starting to appear on Facebook Reels.

The company also launched a new creative to provide data insights and content-driven video analytics. This way, creators can understand their audience better.

Facebook Stars now also appear on Facebook Reels. Viewers can purchase stars in live or on-demand videos from creators on Facebook as a way to reward their creations. Users can also remix reels on Facebook, which means they can add their video to appear alongside the original video.

With the new update, Facebook Reels can be posted on both Instagram and Facebook simultaneously. Facebook users can also automatically aggregate their previously posted stories or memories as Reels through automatic Reel generation.

It is known that 6 new features on Facebook Reels are now available to users through the latest update and are Meta expected

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