Meta stops recruiting for remote jobs

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Mark Zuckerberg’s company Meta began asking employees to stop posting job vacancies remotely. The company also cut some employee benefits to save money.

According to Business Insider boss , this is a sign that the Facebook is wanting to suspend the remote work culture caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, a spokesperson for Meta confirmed that this is only temporary while the company is reorganizing its operations.

Other tech companies such as Amazon , Apple and Snap have also made moves to urge employees to return to the office, despite outrage from some employees

On March 14, CEO Meta announced the second batch of mass layoffs that made 10,000 people lose their jobs, but recently Meta started hiring new employees. On Meta’s website is recruiting 300 positions around the world. Some parts of the company are already preparing to fill important positions after the layoffs are over.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic , Meta has allowed employees to work from home. However, the company is re-evaluating the issue of working remotely. The job description on Meta’s job posting has removed the line “Remote work is currently available in the US, Canada, and Europe, and we will continue to add positions in more locations as they become available.” body”

Working directly is easier

The Facebook owner says that while the company is committed to allocating work, some internal analysis shows that those hired to work remotely are underperforming. Meta does not disclose how these analyzes are conducted.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg lobbied Meta employees to come to the office, because internal analysis shows that employees who come to the office are working more effectively than those who work remotely

“This needs more research, but we think it’s easier to build trust when working face-to-face, making us more productive,” said CEO Meta.

Since January, Meta employees have been told to come to the office at least two days a week. The company also dropped a $1,100 Amazon purchase allowance to support remote work. However, Meta still subsidizes $900 a year for using the internet at home

With the past two major layoffs, the company has also cut employee perks. The company’s dinner service time was pushed back later and the employee shuttle service was changed to discourage workers from staying just to get a free meal.

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