Microsoft Bing lets you choose AI’s ‘personality’

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft Bing has just launched a new feature that allows users to switch between chatbot response styles, making communicating with artificial intelligence (AI) less boring.

At the interface, there are three options: Creative (creative), Balanced (balanced), and Precise (precise). When setting the Creative option, AI ​​will interact friendly and give many personal opinions, while the Precise option prioritizes accuracy, concise information, and straight to the point.

The Balanced option is set by default to harmonize the AI ​​response content with the majority of users. Microsoft hopes the personality adjustment feature will ease many of the initial negative feedback, the technology corporation has not stopped refining this artificial intelligence after users shared the AI’s strange replies on Twitter. and Reddit. At the same time, the latest update has expanded the limit of asking questions, minimizing the situation of refusing to answer and the phenomenon of answering off-topic and out of focus of the previous chatbot.

Less than a week after launch, more than 1 million users tested the Bing personality changer preview. In particular, the Creative option received the most positive feedback from users. Many people think that AI with this personality can make personal inferences and seem more “human” than Precise and Balanced modes. The other two modes are comments that can only provide neutral knowledge information that users can easily find on the internet.

Adjusting personality preferences has diversified the user experience with AI. Chances are, in the future, Bing will develop even more options.

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