Microsoft Defender Preview for Windows and Android Released

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Microsoft has released a new Microsoft Defender Preview app for Windows and Android, which is essentially a cross-platform preview version of Windows Defender.

According to Aroged, Windows Defender is currently considered one of the best antivirus software in this category, and more importantly, it is provided 100% free from Microsoft.

It is part of Windows 10’s list of standard Windows programs and comes pre-installed as the default antivirus in the latest version of Windows 11.

The software was first available on Android in 2020 as part of Microsoft Defender ATP for business. Now, Microsoft is expanding the availability of proprietary antivirus software from the company.

For those who only use Windows devices, the new Defender may not be very necessary, but the application is quite useful for those who use up to 4 different Windows and Android devices. A report from PCWorld says that Microsoft placed the app in stores some time ago, but the company has only just activated the service.

Microsoft Defender Preview is functionally identical to the famous Defender that comes pre-installed on all Windows 11 computers. However, the version for Android provides different visualizations when it is an active service that helps. monitors web links and checks files downloaded to the device for malicious code. If the service detects something suspicious, it sends an appropriate notification.

Because Microsoft Defender Preview is constantly running in the background, it requires access to Android’s accessibility services (or Accessibility Services). The application periodically performs scans to reduce the impact on autonomy. Needless to say, users also need to have a Microsoft account to use the software.

Microsoft Defender Preview is now available to download for free in the official Microsoft Store and Google Play Store.

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