Microsoft Edge adds a feature to make blurry videos sharper

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Usually, to increase video resolution when surfing the web, users need to use many manual tips. However, the Microsoft Edge browser has just launched the VSR feature, which automatically processes low-quality videos to become sharper.

According to The Verge, Microsoft has just revealed Video Super Resolution (VSR) – a video enhancement feature during testing right on the Microsoft Edge browser, a machine learning application (machine learning algorithm) to increase the resolution of videos. low quality.

Announced on the Edge Insiders blog, Microsoft Edge’s VSR technology can remove compressed block elements and improve text clarity for videos on platforms like YouTube and other streaming platforms. The feature is still in beta and is currently limited to some users of Edge’s Canary in the Microsoft Insider program.

If users want to experiment, Microsoft notes: VSR will only work at video resolutions of 720p or less, especially as both the video height and width must be at least 192 pixels. In addition, the video must not be digitally rights-managed (DRM) by PlayReady or Widevine (which will render the browser unable to access individual frames for processing). This restriction may affect the content users can experiment with, as most popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max leverage DRM technology for copyright protection.

In terms of hardware, Microsoft requires devices running Microsoft VSR to also have a new generation graphics card such as Nvidia RTX series 20, 30, 40 or AMD Radeon at least RX5700 to RX7800 series. Microsoft also extended VSR to gaming laptops running discrete GPU versions of the above lines; However, the device must be plugged in and users will need to manually adjust Windows settings to force Edge to run on the discrete GPU. However, Microsoft has not yet mentioned whether VSR will be able to increase the 720p resolution to full HD 1,080p.

This isn’t the first video enhancement feature available to Microsoft Edge users. In June 2022, Microsoft introduced the Clarity Boost feature to Xbox Cloud Gaming, making Xbox video game quality when streamed on Edge browser clearer and sharper.

Microsoft Edge’s VSR technology is also not unique. Similar to this tech giant, Intel is also developing video upscaling for Chromium-based browsers, and Nvidia has also provided the first version of RTX Super Resolution (RTX VSR) – upscaling technology. Nvidia’s own AI – on Shield TV devices since 2019 and has been well received. Following its launch, Super Resolution was rolled out by Nvidia to Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers but was limited to PCs equipped with GeForce RTX GPUs 40 and 30 series. Nvidia also revealed that Super Resolution can be “slight reduction” in performance if enabled when playing games or running GPU-based applications, although this phenomenon is not unique to Nvidia’s upgrade technology.

Video Super Resolution is still an experimental feature in Microsoft Edge that leverages GPU power for video enhancements. However, like graphics games, this technology also uses the GPU, so gaming performance can suffer if the game and Edge VSR are on at the same time. However, Microsoft has listened to the feedback from users and will continue to optimize performance before the official release.

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