Microsoft Edge integrates image creation with AI

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The Microsoft Edge browser and Bing search app now have built-in artificial intelligence (AI) image generators.

Not long after launching a chat tool called Bing AI Chat built into the Bing search engine and based on ChatGPT, Microsoft continued to allow users to create images using artificial intelligence when it introduced the version. preview of Bing Image Creator – based on OpenAI’s DALL-E AI and built into both Bing search and Edge browser.

With Bing Image Creator, users simply ask the chatbot to create an image through a live description of the image or track previous queries. If you are wondering how to renovate your living room, you can ask Bing to draw up some layout ideas based on your requirements and wishes.

Microsoft is aware enough of the possibility of things going bad if their AI tools are abused. So the company said it was applying “enhanced protections” in addition to OpenAI, whereby the tool would be programmed to prevent users from creating potentially “harmful” images, the company said. also embeds a watermark in the image so that viewers know that the image was created with AI. The Bing Image Creator is available as an option in the desktop and mobile versions of Bing and Edge in preview through a dedicated website,

If you’re part of the beta, you’ll have to toggle Creative mode to try out this photo maker. But Microsoft is planning to bring their AI creation tool to general users in “Balanced and Precise” mode in the near future and refine it further. In the short term, this tool only supports input in English, other popular languages ​​will be added soon.

According to Engadget, the DALL-E technology comes as Adobe teases a plan to bring AI to Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro, while NVIDIA is launching an AI cloud service. While Microsoft may not want to compete directly with Adobe or NVIDIA, it is joining a wave of tech giants that are seeing AI image creation as a revolutionary tool.

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