Microsoft is shutting down the AltspaceVR metaverse

by nativetechdoctor

The AltspaceVR metaverse platform was once announced to be discontinued and was rescued by Microsoft.

According to PC Gamer, Microsoft’s AltspaceVR virtual reality social platform is about to be shut down. Previously in 2017, the original developers of the platform announced that they did not have enough funds to maintain the servers. But then the project continued to work when it was bought by Microsoft.

The software giant’s plan when acquiring AltspaceVR is similar to that of Facebook, when it wants to choose the virtual reality world as the trend for the future. But this scenario will not happen, as Microsoft has officially announced AltspaceVR will stop working on March 10.

According to Team AltspaceVR, the team is now seeing an opportunity to expand VR to a much larger goal than before with a more open, accessible, and secure version of the immersive experience in the metaverse. . To that end, the team made the difficult decision to discontinue the AltpaceVR platform on March 10 and shift the focus of support to immersive experiences powered by Microsoft Mesh.

Microsoft Mesh is a reality communication platform that uses 3D imaging to allow people to work together as if they were in the same space.

Impressions of Microsoft Mesh:

If AltspaceVR previously focused on social experiences such as meeting friends, walking, partying, and activities in the virtual world. Then Microsoft Mesh is a clearly business-oriented VR app, one for work rather than play.

The development team also recommends that users who want to continue using AltspaceVR memorabilia should quickly download them according to the instructions of the FAQ page at /altspace-vr/download-my-data.

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