Microsoft launches Bing Chat widget for Android and iOS platforms

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft recently announced bringing Bing widget with OpenAI’s ChatGPT to Android and iOS platforms to answer queries from mobile users.

Microsoft says users will be able to use the utility to type queries or use the microphone icon for hands-free calling. Users can also decide whether they want answers from Bing to be creative, balanced, or correct.

When asking a question, Bing will display the appropriate chat format between users at the search engine. Like Google’s Bard , if the user is not satisfied with the answer, the user can ask the artificial intelligence (AI) to change the content or other topic. Microsoft says it will soon make it possible for users to forward chats with Bing from smartphones to desktop computers and vice versa.

Users can visit the respective support pages for Android and iOS to learn how to set up. Support for more countries and languages ​​is coming soon, which it claims has improved the overall quality of non-English chats

The company is also bringing the new Bing Chat AI feature to Swiftkey on Android. Users will soon be able to use Switkey to write text or compose emails by setting the desired format and length, similar to the upcoming Magic Composer on Google Messages. Microsoft says AI will do the heavy lifting, but it should still be wary of flaws.

Microsoft Edge is also attracting attention with its contextual chat feature, users can use Bing Chat’s AI to quickly summarize article content. They can highlight a piece of text and ask Bing for more information. Microsoft is planning to roll out these features worldwide.

The Skype conversation software also received some AI enhancements through Bing. Microsoft says just type @Bing in a group or chat to request a collection and display of the ideas they’re talking about.

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