Microsoft shows new Start menu interface of Windows 10

by nativetechdoctor

Microsoft recently released a new Windows 10 start menu interface image that includes a redesigned user interface with significant improvements.

Although this is not a radical overhaul, Microsoft seems to be working hard to get a new Start menu to combine other aesthetic changes that the company has made with the Windows 10 operating system in almost five years since it was created.

The new live tile image has collapsed, near each other. the background color suits your choice of light or dark theme.

When users deactivate Live Tiles, a new interface with the “Fluent Design” icons with a transparent background appears instead of the traditional Live Tiles dazzling color. The result is a nice interface for the Start menu that is more synchronized with the entire desktop.

Recent apps, which appear to the left of the Start menu, have also been adjusted and have no background color, once again making the overall look better suited to the theme and colors on the desktop.

However, apart from the images released, there is currently no information about when the new Start menu will be added to Windows 10. Microsoft seems to be working hard to continue to improve further.

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