Microsoft spent $ 7.5 billion to buy game publisher ZeniMax Media

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This can be viewed as perhaps the greatest occasion in the gaming field of 2020. ZeniMax Media is the distributor of mainstream titles like Fallout, The Elder Scrolls, and Doom.

According to Engadget, the Xbox maker has just signed an agreement to buy ZeniMax Media, a prominent game publisher. “ZeniMax Media” may sound strange, but the names of the studios it owns will definitely feel familiar, including id Software (Doom, Quake), Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey), Tango Gameworks (game The Evil Within) and Bethesda Game Studio (game The Elder Scrolls, Fallout).

Microsoft pays $ 7.5 billion in an all-cash deal, scheduled for completion by the second half of 2021, subject to legal approval. ZeniMax Media was valued at around $ 2.5 billion in 2016 and has been the subject of many acquisition intentions this year. A report posted on the Reddit forum said that Sony had also had an eye on one of the major game publishers around them.

Xbox division head Phil Spencer said the relationship between Microsoft and ZeniMax’s studios has always been close. After all, id Software created Wolfenstein and Doom, which gave these two names a huge boost in the history of computer gaming. Spencer confirmed that, thanks to the agreement, some Bethesda Game Studio titles will be available to Xbox Game Pass for both console and computer players in the near future.

Not only that, Microsoft will also soon own Tango Gameworks studio, which has created a few PlayStation-exclusive titles. Tango’s Ghostwire: Tokyo and Arkane’s Deathloop title will be available on PS5, but there is no indication that they will be on Xbox.

It can be said that Microsoft has been high on marketing activities when choosing when to announce the above information, implying that exciting titles will appear in the Game Pass, along with the context of the new console products. they are set to launch on September 22nd.

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