Microsoft to launch Windows 12 in 2024?

by nativetechdoctor
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Microsoft is about to change its Windows update schedule again, as the company will return to distributing new versions of Windows every 3 years, just like in the days of Windows Vista, 7 and 8.

According to Neowin , the new plan means that Microsoft has removed a feature update codenamed Sun Valley 3 that analysts predict will be released by the company sometime in 2023. Instead, Microsoft wants to release new Windows in 2024.

The software giant also plans to change the way it delivers new features to existing versions of Windows. Recent cumulative updates to Windows 11 often include new features from the main development channel, and this could be the foundation of Microsoft’s upcoming strategy as the company will roll out a large number of features. new software features every few months (about 4 times per year). This plan is part of a new strategy called Moments.

If the report is accurate, Windows 11 users will see Microsoft add new features from the Sun Valley 3 update to version 22H2 in 2023.

The question is, do these changes mean Windows 12 will arrive in 2024? Currently, there is not much information about the next version of Windows. The new operating system, codenamed Next Valley, is in the early planning and engineering stages. Besides, Microsoft has yet to confirm the report, so everything is just a rumor.

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