Missed features on iPhone 14 Series

by nativetechdoctor

Although the iPhone 14 series is quite attractive, especially the Pro models, there are still shortcomings that users have to wait for more time.

Super fast charging

iPhone has never been a smartphone worth buying if users value fast charging speed. iPhone 13 only maxes out at 20W over the wire, and the same goes for the iPhone 14. 20W charging is fine and more than enough if you charge it overnight, but compared to what Android brands are doing today, that limit on iPhone 14 lags too far behind.

Both the Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra increase to 45W charging this year, while Oppo Reno8 Pro supports 80W charging and OnePlus 10T up to an impressive 150W, allowing 0 – 100% charging in just 20 minutes.

Apple’s failure to upgrade fast charging speeds is not new. The company has never seen it as a trend to show care, instead they are more about health and battery life than capacity. However, as other companies are bringing faster battery charging without sacrificing battery health, Apple‘s approach no longer makes sense. Hopefully next year’s iPhone 15 will bring a higher charging rate than 20W, possibly up to 100W.

Periscope camera

Apple has made some major upgrades to the iPhone 14 Series camera, especially in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, both with a new 48 MP main camera replacing the old 12 MP main camera. In addition, all iPhone 14 models are equipped with a newly improved front camera. Those changes are great, but there’s one thing that’s still lacking on any iPhone 14, and that’s the telephoto camera.

This is an area where Android devices have been around for a long time. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the best example. It is equipped with not one but two telephoto cameras, of which one has 3x optical zoom and the other has 10x optical zoom. If you really want, users can use the Space Zoom feature to increase it to 100x.

Although the 100x photo from the Galaxy S22 Ultra is not great, it will be an interesting choice if users want to. In fact, photos taken around 30x or less tend to look better. iPhone 14 Pro is still stuck at the maximum 15x digital zoom, the number is only temporary when needed. Rumors say Apple is planning to upgrade the periscope camera for the iPhone 15, hopefully that’s true.

120 Hz display on the standard version

There have been rumors that the regular version of the iPhone will have a 120 Hz ProMotion screen, but this has not happened as it is still only available on Pro models, while the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus support 60 Hz screens

60 Hz still works well, especially when iOS runs as smooth as it is. But in a world where low-cost handsets like the Galaxy A53 5G, Motorola Edge (2022) and OnePlus Nord 2T 5G can offer 120 Hz displays, even some with 144 Hz displays for little money. significantly more, putting 60 Hz on the basic iPhone is unacceptable.

A new design

From a design perspective, the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro are virtually identical to their predecessors. It simply brings some color changes, adjustable sizes Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max have replaced the notch with the Dynamic Island , everything else is the same. And considering the iPhone 13 looks a lot like the iPhone 12, the current iPhone design doesn’t turn out to be much special.

It’s clearly a boring product in terms of design. The removal of the notch on the Pro models is basically very neat, but not enough for users looking for a breakthrough improvement.

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