More than 5% of PCs use Windows 11 in the first month of release

by nativetechdoctor
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Research firm AdDuplex has published a data report in the section Windows on January 10, showing Windows 11 has been on 5,1% of the PC right in the first month of release, a step in remarkable progress.

According to WindowsCentral, the results showed that 4.8% of PC is running Windows 11, while 0,3% are running Windows 11 Insider, raising the total number of the PC running this operating system is 5.1%. It is a quantum leap compared with 1.3% PC use this operating system in the survey of AdDuplex on January 9, before its official launch.

The report also states that 90% of Windows 10/11 PCs now run a version of Windows released in 2020 or 2021, meaning users can stay up-to-date with security patches and experience the latest features that are not available. Windows provides.

Reportedly, this insight is collected by AdDuplex from approximately 5,000 apps in the Windows Store that use the AdDuplex SDK v.2 or later. October’s data is based on information from about 60,000 PCs.

Although there is no specific or detailed breakdown of what led to the percentage increase, it is possible that Microsoft played a role in informing consumers about its latest operating system. surname. It’s also important to note that Microsoft is rolling out step by step Windows 11 to fix any issues from the start so that more people are satisfied with their Windows 11 experience.

To attract users to the new operating system, even more, Microsoft recently brought the PC Health Check application to Windows 10 users to remind them that if there is a device that supports the upgrade, there is no better time. now.

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