Netflix Introduces New PIN Feature To Secure Profile, learn How To Enable it

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Netflix recently launched a new Protect feature. This feature allows users to lock their accounts with PIN security. Accounts that are shared with your account will not have access to your monitoring history through this feature. The company has also introduced a new parental control feature for young viewers that prevents them from accessing adult content. In addition, the option to assign a PIN for a new account has been introduced.

You can easily change any Netflix account. You can share this popular OTT video streaming platform with your friends and family. After introducing a new feature, your friends or family that you have shared your account with will no longer be able to see your watch history. As a result, the privacy of your streaming content is maintained. Netflix also has several programs for children. You can also create child profiles for your children. Users with child accounts do not have access to content transferred to other accounts.

steps to secure the profile.

  • To open a PIN or password in the new profile, first, open the app and tap on the hamburger menu at the bottom right.
  • Then tap on the account. This will redirect you to the webpage of the account. Scroll and tap into the Profile and Parental Control section.
  • Then tap on Profile Lock and enter the password of your Netflix account and tap continue to enable profile lock.
  • After this, in the next option, set a 4-digit PIN and click on the Require user’s PIN option and save it.
  • By following these steps, you will be able to create a PIN for all profiles linked with the account.

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