Netflix made some of its documentaries and series available for free on YouTube

by nativetechdoctor

Due to the lockdown across the country, many companies offer free services to consumers. In this order, Netflix has made several documentaries and series available free on YouTube. Also, include our planet and explain. In fact, teachers have asked companies to make such content available on YouTube. All educational institutions, including schools and universities, were closed due to the blockade. Children learn practically at home.

Netflix has stated in its blog post, “For the past several years, teachers have been allowed to show documentaries in schools. However, this is not possible after school closes. So upon requesting teachers, we have switched to Netflix US Our documentaries have been made available on the YouTube channel. We hope that in this way, teachers around the world can be helped. We are answering questions from creators Areas that children get their chance to learn Firsthand experience. “

These Netflix series were available on YouTube:

Abstract (Series – Season 1), Babies (Series – Some Episodes), Chasing Coral (Film), Explained (Series – Some Episodes), Knock Down the House (Film), Our Planet ( Series), Period. End of Sentence. (Short), The White Helmets (short) and Zion. Educational resources are also provided with them. The company says that it hopes that in this way all the teachers present around the world will get help and the children will also get help from it.

Providing free content on YouTube is not part of the marketing strategy of Netflix. Because it charges all the content on its platform. For this, users have to pay a monthly fee. If seen, the company has been facing tough competition from Apple TV + and Disney + since the COVID-19 epidemic.

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