New Artificial Intelligence tool will curb rumors spreading on social media

by nativetechdoctor
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Researchers have developed new artificial intelligence tools on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, etc. To limit the number of virus tools. This artificial intelligence tool prevents fake messages from spreading on social networks. This AI tool is located in Waterloo, Canada. University researchers have developed a new algorithm for artificial intelligence. After posting on social networking sites using this AI algorithm, you may find that there are no more posts on the same topic.

Professor Alexander Wong from Waterloo University presented the results of his research at a conference. During the conference, the professor said that if their contributions were good, they would be accepted as correct. However, if it is not determined that other documents relating to the publication for which the publication was made are correct, it will be accepted as an incorrect name.

According to the study, the researchers decided to develop this artificial intelligence tool, which was inspired by fictional news and fake social media posts. This artificial intelligence tool filters out fake publications and similar fictional messages. After filtering out false and misleading messages, all posts can be published on social media platforms with this tool.

According to the researchers’ claims, this artificial intelligence tool can work 90 percent accurately. Which has been the key factor for this research. Researchers told that during their testing, they found that 9 out of 10 times this tool detects fake posts. Researchers have been working on this tool since 2017. Let me tell you that these days, fake news is increasingly viral through social media platforms and instant messaging apps. Due to which, fake news and rumors come to the users in huge numbers.

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